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Member Story-Telling: Anne Marie Reimschuessel

Cheverly Village member Anne Marie Reimschuessel, assisted by her daughter Renate (also a Village member), tells how in 1949 she and her husband succeeded in escaping into West Germany from Soviet-occupied East Berlin.  Anne Marie describes the family’s meticulous secret preparations for the move, as well as her harrowing final journey out of East Berlin with one-year-old Renate and her 5-year old sister.

Cheverly Village’s first “Member Story-Telling” was held at the home of Renate and her husband, Jeff Myers, who moved to Cheverly in 2016 with their daughter Kate and Renate’s mother, Anne Marie.  Attending the session were Clareen Heikal, who organized and recorded the event; and fellow Cheverly Village organizers Thelma Boyd-Nash and Diane La Voy.

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