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Into the Woods at Woodworth Park: Cheverly Town Center


Sat 05 / 15 / 2021
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM


Woodworth Trail at Cheverly Town Park

Who can attend

Members and Volunteers

Limited Capacity: 5 spots available


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The Woodworth Trail is a well-worn, wood-chipped trail carefully manicured by Friends of Lower Beaver Dam Creek. It is a delightful adventure into the coolness and filtered sunlight of the woods behind the Town Center. A walking stick or cane would be a useful assist in negotiating the path into the forest as far as you feel confident. You will find a bench or two to sit on or a large fallen log. The trail is about a half mile long for those with the stamina to complete it. Challenge yourself! It is a joyful experience! On the way home, stop by and check out the Cheverly Village Gardens at Town Center.  
Register so that we know to expect you.  Call the Coordinator for a ride if needed. 
Masks and social distancing are still necessary precautions.