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About Cheverly Village Preferred Providers

To assist Cheverly Village members to select the right provider, we now offer the Cheverly Village's List of Preferred Providers. A "Preferred Provider" is a vendor whose reputation for quality and integrity Cheverly Village has vetted using due diligence, such that the Village judges that Cheverly Village members may confidently purchase services from the vendor. 

Desigation as "Preferred Provider" does not mean that Cheverly Village guarantees the work of the vendor.  The List of Preferred Providers is based, in part, on opinions and individual experiences of other Cheverly residents, interviews with contractors, and reviews from Better Business Bureau, Washington Consumer Checkbook, and Montgomery County Office of Consumer Affairs. 

Any information regarding licensing, insurance, and/or bonding was obtained on a particular date. Therefore, it is subject to change.

Every Cheverly Village member should exercise their own due diligence when researching and selecting a provider. The List of Preferred Providers should be used in connection with other resources when you select the best contract to meet your individual needs.  Hiring a provider is an important decision and one single source should not be solely relied upon. 

Cheverly Village members are encouraged to provide feedback to Cheverly Village on the performance of the vendors that they use. We hope this resource will help you select an honest and reputable provider. 

If you do not see a Preferred Provider for the type of business or service you are seeking, please contact the Preferred Provider team at or the Cheverly Village Coordinator at for additional information.